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Enhesa is an international environmental, health, and safety consulting firm providing EHS and product regulatory assurance support to businesses worldwide. Over the past 25 years, Enhesa has developed a set of compliance assurance products and services specifically for multinationals. Headquartered in Brussels and Washington, D.C., their team of highly trained and experienced, multilingual consultants has extensive expertise to keep companies ahead of the latest regulatory policy issues as they unfold in over 280 jurisdictions around the world.



Gold Partner

S A T GmbH & Co. KG

Thanks to its team consisting of experienced legal experts, engineers, computer specialists, and managers, SAT is perfectly prepared to consult companies of all sizes about any possible compliance questions and issues. Furthermore, it also assists companies with the implementation of compliance issues. The engineering and organizational consultancy is specialized in creating and permanently monitoring company-specific legal, license and order databases (legal compliance)—the basis for all compliance issues. Success factors for company-specific solutions include cost minimization, clarity, transparency, and efficiency. SAT is part of the leading experts in this field. Well-known companies already take advantage of our expertise in the form of an external compliance department.


ARQUS Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG

The engineering firm ARQUS stands for 20 years of competent consulting in the fields of occupational safety, quality management, and environmental protection. Thanks to our international network, we can always offer your company the best, most flexible, and most economical consulting in these fields. Many years of experience and highly qualified employees guarantee the competent management of sensible areas and a higher level of legal security and efficiency. Since its foundation, ARQUS steadily aims at offering services that enable a future-oriented and sustainable development for your company. We see ourselves as a supporter with the goal of lightening your workload!

Learn more about the partnership between ARQUS and Quentic (in German)!


TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG

As a renowned technology service provider, we stand for security and trust, neutrality, and quality worldwide. In everything we do, we have our sights firmly set on the digital future. Independent engineers and IT security specialists offer excellent solutions for security, quality, and an outstanding competitive position. At home in 50 countries, active in more than 100 countries, we support companies with more than 14,000 employees in fulfilling their responsibility for people, technology, and the environment. We accompanied all industrial revolutions, helped to develop globally recognized safety standards, and also contribute to a safe world in the digitally networked age.



eco COMPLIANCE unites a team of fully qualified lawyers and experts with many years of practical experience. The eco COMPLIANCE team offers you individual, tailor-made, and comprehensive compliance solutions including the eco COMPLIANCE report, the database, as well as its monitoring and compliance audits.



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