Andreas Axmann

Andreas Axmann is a digital entertainer and as such has won several international awards. It all started in a very classic way: with the obligatory magic box at Christmas, which an aunt gave him. Further support came from the German magic club "Magischer Zirkel", which accepted him in 2002. So it was obvious that he soon presented his skills in public. Andreas Axmann came to Berlin in 2004 to begin his studies in theater and event technology, which he completed in 2008 with a thesis on the subject of "magic theater". Since then, magic has been his main profession. In 2010, Andreas Axmann became the first German iPad magician to specialize in the field of "digital magic". In 2011, the media magician became German runner-up in the category "magic with lecture". In addition, this year he was engaged for the first time with his iPad magic in Las Vegas. Andreas Axmann celebrated his thousandth show in 2019 with the program "Media Magic". Since 2022, Andreas Axmann has been on stage for 30 years and dedicates his new program to the digital specialty "human-machine interaction".